Gazetteer of Montpeliers and Montpelliers in Asia


British travellers and officials of the colonial era were very liberal with the description ‘Montpelier of India’, applying it over many decades to a variety of places in the Indian subcontinent and what were then termed the East Indies. These include (with date of first noted reference):

Bandel (near Calcutta) – “noted for its gaiety and debauchery” (sometime between 1750 and 1850)

Barrackpore (1817)

Chittagong (1825)

Ghazepoor (1832)

Madras (1783)

Mussouree (1842)

Nilgiri (1832)

Penang (1816)

Pusa (before 1825)

Queda near Malacca (1812)

St Thomas’ Mount, near Madras (1816)

Simla (1832)

Straits of Malacca and Singapore (1828)

Tellicherry (1834)

Trincomalee (1808)