Odds and Ends

Montpelier as a brand name

Examples include Montpelier Plantation Caribbean White Rum from Walter Hicks & Co of St Austell, Cornwall.

Montpelier as a colour description

Montpelier Red as a Land Rover colour
Montpelier Green as a Dulux paint colour

Montpeliers in Colonial India

Lord Frederic Hamilton (1856-1928), in his 1921 volume of reminiscences called “Here, There And Everywhere”, notes some typical house-names in colonial Darjeeling (it’s notable that all three are French or French-inspired):

"Darjeeling itself, in spite of its magnificent surroundings, looks like a portion of a transplanted London suburb, but there is a certain piquancy in reflecting that it is only fifteen miles from the borders of Tibet. The trim, smug villas of Dalhousie and Auckland Roads may have electric light, and neat gardens full of primroses; fifteen miles away civilisation, as we understand the term, ends. There are neither roads, post-offices, telegraphs nor policemen; these tidy commonplace "Belle Vues," "Claremonts" and "Montpeliers" are on the very threshold of the mysterious Forbidden Land. An Army doctor told me that he had been up at the last frontier telegraph-office of India. It is well above the line of snows, and one would imagine it a terrible place of captivity for the Sergeant and four Privates (all white men) in charge of it, but the spirits of the British Tommy are unquenchable. The men had amused themselves by painting notices, and the perpetual snow round the telegraph-office was dotted with boards: "this way to the swings and boats"; "the public are requested not to walk on the newly sown grass"; "try our famous shilling teas"; "all season-tickets must be shown at the barrier," and many more like them. It takes a great deal to depress the average British soldier."